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Celebrating 110 Years In The Outdoors

We’ve been at this for a long time, and we’ve helped millions of people experience the wonders of the great outdoors along the way. This month we’re telling the stories behind some of the iconic products that got us – and you – there.

The Best of L.L.Bean Flannel: Soft to the Touch

From hunters to homebodies, L.L.Bean has been keeping its customers warm and cozy in its famously soft flannel since 1921.

How the 1944 L.L.Bean Ice Carrier Became America’s Go-To Tote

What started as a functional ice carrier has evolved into a timeless style icon and a blank canvas for customization.




Built to Last: The Story of the Original L.L.Bean Boot

Invented by our founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, in 1912, they’re the boots that started it all – and their legend grows with every step they take.

L.L.Bean Chamois: The Rise of a Rugged Outdoor Icon

First introduced in 1927, the L.L.Bean Chamois Shirt is a wearable piece of Americana that still delivers its trademark comfort, softness, and warmth today.

Products That Keeps Peaking: The Storied Past of Mountain Classic

Learn all about the rugged, retro-inspired clothes and gear that carry the Mountain Classic name – celebrating over 30 years of comfort and style in the outdoors.

L.L.Bean Ragg Wool Sweaters: A Classic Knit with a Modern Touch

Our soft, durable lambswool sweaters have been keeping people warm and itch-free in the outdoors since 1979. See how they started and where they’re headed for this year’s fall season.

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