Order Confirmation and Tracking Numbers

You will receive an order confirmation email within a few hours of placing your order. This confirmation will give you the order number and indicate the total value of the merchandise.

You will also receive a shipping notification email when your order ships (although there are a few exceptions in cases where your item ships from an off-site distribution center). For most orders, the shipping notification will include information on how to track your shipment.

If you deleted or never received any of these emails – or if you need help – please contact us.

Purchase History

If you have an global.llbean.com account, you can view your purchase history online. This helpful feature shows all recent online purchases and is a handy reference for items you may want to order again.

View Purchase History

Don't have an global.llbean.com account? Create one now! Your complete purchase history will be available immediately after you've made your first global.llbean.com purchase.