How to Choose a Pair of Hiking Boots

The most important things to consider when choosing hiking boots is where you’re going to be using them and what you are going to be using them for. What are the conditions of trail and level of difficulty? Are you going on a day hike, a weekend hike or an expansive backpacking trip? And because all hiking boots fit differently, it’s also extremely important to make sure you find the right fit. All these factors will determine how happy you are at the end of your hiking trip.


Day Hike

One of the best choices for standard day hikes are boots with a flexible sole and extra ankle support. Most come in ventilated and waterproof styles for adapting to changing weather and climates. And some hiking boots come in styles for everyone in the family.


Multi-Day Hike

Choosing the right hiking boot for a multi-day hike is really important because it’s going to make or break your entire trip. You want hiking boots that give you the ankle support you need when carrying a heavy pack and a flexible, yet supportive sole with an aggressive tread for strong traction on multiple terrain. If you prefer a hiking boot that doesn’t sit higher on the ankle, there are plenty of low-cut options with the strong support and a rugged tread you need, along with waterproof protection and other hiking boot features.

Backpacking or Expedition Hike

For those longer hikes with lots of heavy gear, you want something that will really support you. We recommend a rugged hiking boot with a very sturdy outsole, aggressive tread, exceptional ankle support and waterproof protection. You need a boot that will get you through any conditions on the trail. There are also more lightweight options that can give you rugged traction, strong ankle support and waterproofing, in a more streamlined style.


Other Gear to Consider


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