Family camping is an incredible experience kids remember long into adulthood. But sometimes getting them to a campsite just isn’t an option. These simple tips will show you how to give your family a fun and memorable camping trip without straying far from home.

Find a Good Spot

Location, location, location. One of the best parts about backyard camping is having the option to camp close to home for easy bathroom breaks and quick access to additional supplies. If you’d rather keep the experience more authentic, you can camp farther away from the house and agree not to return inside until morning. Wherever you choose to set up, it’s important you find a flat, smooth area to set up your tent – cause sleeping on tree roots is no fun!

Pick the Right Tent

Camping brings families closer together, but you don’t have to take that literally. If you require ample room or additional items (chairs, coolers, etc.) a 6-to 8-person tent is a great option. Some even have a divider for rooms that doubles as a movie screen. For smaller families or those with limited yard space, 2- and 4-person tents still have plenty of room to fit all the fun. Before choosing the size of your tent, be sure to measure the space (don’t forget height!) and take into account everything you intend on bringing inside it – including the kids.

Want to create an open camping experience? Set up one of our screenhouses. It’s the next best thing to sleeping under the stars. Or just string a few ropes between some trees and create a cozy shelter using tarps and blankets. Just don’t forget to lay something below you to protect from the wet ground.


Quick tip:

Putting up a tent together as a family can be a fun, gratifying experience for everyone. Try setting up your tent the night before, so you have a basic idea of how set up works to minimize confusion (and frustration) when instructing little kids.

Make it Cozy

For optimal family tent time, comfort is key. Make sure you have extra blankets and a warm layer handy, like fleece, in case the night gets chilly. Fill the inside with the welcoming glow of a camping lantern to create a cozy, magic-like environment kids will love (also great for comforting anyone who’s scared of the dark). And when it comes to choosing a sleeping bag, never skimp on quality. A good sleeping bag is essential to the quality of your camping experience. Depending on the weather and your location, you may want to choose a warmer sleeping bag if the temps tend to drop significantly overnight. If the hard ground is still a concern or you want extra comfort, you can also add a sleeping pad or air mattress for more cushioning.





Quick tip:

Sleeping outside for the first time can be scary for some kids. To help your little ones feel safe and secure, have them bring their pillows from beds inside and their favorite stuffed animal or toy. This familiar connection to home will help them feel more at ease.

Keep it Classic

Camping in the backyard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the classic campsite activities that make it so popular. Want a roaring campfire? Set up a bunch of camp chairs around a fire pit, toast s’mores, tell ghost stories and bask in the soft glow while you stargaze. Give everyone a headlamp and have a nighttime scavenger hunt. Start a game of flashlight tag. You can even make your backyard campsite even more joyful and unforgettable by stringing up beautiful lights.



Dine Out

Eating outside is one of the best parts about camping. So whether you roast dogs over the firepit, do some grilling or create the ultimate family picnic, make it a fun part of the experience. Your kids will really enjoy it (and so will you). Don’t feel like cooking? Get your favorite Chinese or pizza place delivered and enjoy it outside your tent. Plus, great camping trips always have great snacks, so in addition to the main course, bring a bunch of treats for both kids and adults to enjoy throughout the night.


Quick tip:

Can’t cook s’mores over a firepit or grill? Make them inside using a microwave or oven and bring them outside.

Make It Your Own

No matter where you’re camping, things like bug spray and water are always good essentials to have on hand. But remember, what’s truly essential to your camping experience really depends on you and your family. Your campout should be whatever you want it to be. If that means having board games and no digital devices allowed, there is a lot of joy to be found by unplugging and focusing on simpler things. If your idea of a great backyard camping trip involves a chair, cooler and a decent WIFI signal, set your camp up accordingly. The most important thing isn’t what you have when you’re there, it’s that you’re there at all.