If ever there was a season to bring people together outside, it’s winter. That’s because so much of what winter has to offer goes better with company. We’re thinking epic snowball battles, towering snowmen (and snowwomen, snowdogs, snowcastles, and even snowdinosaurs), and sled races at the local hill. The best part about giving these gifts? Not only are you giving them something fun to play with, you’re giving them the gift of time spent together outside, and memories made. And there’s no greater gift than that.

1. Sonic Snow Tube

With a name like Sonic Snow Tube, how can you go wrong? The answer is: You can’t. Built tough for plenty of snowy spills and thrills, and fitted with a polyethylene base for low-friction sliding, this tube is a sure-fire way to get the whole family on the hill.


2. Rambler Winter Wagon Set

With rugged, high-impact skis that replace its pneumatic tires in minutes, the Rambler Winter Wagon Set is the perfect gift for families who want to keep rambling even after the snow has fallen. Hardwood construction and a rugged, padded polyester fabric cover provide mile after mile of smiles, no matter the weather


3. Snowman Family Kit

With googly eyes, antlers, and even carrot noses, this set has everything you need to make the perfect snowman (or woman). Well, except snow: We’ll have to leave that one up to Mother Nature.


4. L.L.Bean Castle Snow Mold Set

Keep the littles (and maybe some of the bigs) entertained with this four-piece castle mold set. And when summer inevitably arrives, pack it up and hit the beach, where this set is right at home making castles in the sand.

5. Stabilicers Walk Traction Device

In all the uncertainty of winter weather, one thing remains a given: It’s going to get slippery underfoot. Keep the whole family upright with our Stabilicers Traction Devices. They’re super-easy to slide on over most footwear, and the steel studs turn the slickest of surfaces into a winter playground.

6. L.L.Bean Trailblazer Snap 300 Combo Headlamp

Don’t let the dark keep you and your family indoors this winter; instead, give everyone a Snap 300 Headlamp and turn the nighttime into primetime. Whether it’s after dinner snowball fights, star-gazing, or just a stroll through the new-fallen snow, this dimmable, water-resistant headlamp makes it all possible.


7. Waterproof Ski Gloves

In our experience, every successful snowball fight begins with a pair of warm, dry hands. And there’s no better way to ensure a pair of cozy paws than to slide them into our super-insulated Waterproof Ski Gloves. And yes, you can use them for skiing, too.


8. L.L.Bean Sonic Slider, 2-pack

This two-pack of elegantly simple, fun-as-heck Sonic Sliders makes it super easy to give the gift of shared fun this winter. Tough, fast, and light, these sleds are a laugh-inducing addition to any outdoor winter gathering.

9. L.L.Bean Classic Vacuum Bottle

Nothing brings people together outdoors like the promise of hot chocolate. It’s a promise you can fulfill with our Classic Vacuum Bottle, which comes in sizes ranging from .6 quarts to 1.5 quarts so you know there will be plenty to go around.


10. Wicked Warm Base Layers

Nothing puts a halt to outside family time faster than those two dreaded words: “I’m coooooold!” Keep your kids warm, happy, and playing outside with a pair of our Kids’ Wicked Warm Long Expedition Weight Long Underwear, which are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and lined in cozy-soft fleece. And since adults get cold, too, we’ve options for them, too.


Keep the Spirit

Whether or not your list ends up including any of our suggestions, we sincerely hope you’ll find a way to make the most of winter with the ones you love. Because that’s really what this season’s all about.

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